Argentina: The Secretariat of Internal Trade has established objective parameters for the attention of consumers



In short

By resolution 1033/2021 (“Resolution“), the Internal Trade Secretariat (“Secretariat“) established certain” Mandatory minimum quality parameters for remote attention and communication services “(“Settings“), applicable to attention and distance communication services offered by suppliers of goods and services to consumers.

By means of the Resolution, the Secretariat established the Parameters, which must be adopted by suppliers of goods and services for the attention of consumers.

The Parameters must be adopted by the Suppliers, with the exception of small and medium-sized enterprises (PyMES), before April 12, 2022. Otherwise, the sanctions provided for by the Consumer Protection Act will be applied.

The most relevant parameters are:

  • In the event of a claim, provide detailed, adequate and sufficient information, in particular the amount of the claim, its cause, the initial capital and interest.
  • The issuance of a free debt certificate, at the request of the presumed debtor, when the claimed debt is non-existent or time-barred.
  • Consumers should be assisted personally, whether the first contact was made by telephone or electronically.
  • Avoid communication interruptions due to operator unavailability and also avoid abrupt, impulsive or violent interruptions.
  • Refrain from giving the option to continue waiting or to contact at another time, when there is more than five minutes of delay in service.
  • Resolve all complaints within a maximum of 10 working days.

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