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Looking for a bad credit loan ? Nobody would wish for a bad credit. In life, sometimes these things have a way of sneaking up on us. There’s a wide range of reasons why someone might have a bad credit rating and this unfortunate circumstance isn’t always something you can avoid.

It is reassuring to know that you can still get an emergency loan, even with bad credit. Being unable to get help when it’s needed can make a bad situation feel even worse. This is why a bad credit loan company with guaranteed approvals is the best option. Selecting the wrong loan company can make the problem even worse in the future.

See below some of the best bad credit companies in America. These companies are at the top of their industry and have many positive customer reviews.

The Top Two Direct Lenders To Get Guaranteed Loans For Bad Credit

  1. Bad Credit Loan – Best For Monthly Installment Loans For People with Bad Credit

  2. Cash USA – Guaranteed Instant Cash Loans With No Credit Check Required

Since1998, BadCreditLoans has been dominating the industry when it comes to bad credit loans. The company was started to help those with poor credit ratings get loans when they need one by matching consumers to lenders. Bad Credit Loans is an online marketplace that matches users to potential loan vendors.

Bad Credit Loans are in business with a lot of lenders offering guaranteed approval options. Connecting borrowers to lenders, this company can help regardless of the reason for needing the loan and regardless of your credit score.

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In Bad Credit Loans, credibility is of significance. They are known within the industry as being a very trustworthy company. There are many reasons to consider this website and we’ve listed the best features below for you:

  • You Get Up to 60 Months To Repay: You can repay your loans from 3 months up to 60 months. Not all loan vendors on the website offer it but you could have up to 5 years to repay the loan.

  • There Is A Very Fast Approval Process: This fact surprised most so this may come as a surprise to you too. When your loan is approved by a lender, it can be put into your bank account as quickly as the next day! There are some requirements for it to happen this fast however, you need to respond to the loan vendor offer and follow up questions as soon as possible. There are also delays when accepting offers on non-business days such as weekends or holidays.

  • You Can Get a Loan For $10,000: Through their industry leading online marketplace, Bad Credit Loans can get you a loan for up to $10,000. Not all lenders are willing to offer this much so you may get fewer loan offers due to this.

  • A Privacy Policy Made Easy To Understand: Bad Credit Loans is pretty clear on how they handle your information. The website has a link on the homepage so you can read what they do with your data in an easy to understand way.


  • Very fast and easy to apply for any loan

  • Their service comes with zero fees

  • You are under no obligation to accept any of the loans

  • Bad Credit Loans provides full disclosure regarding your private and personal data

  • Industry leading educational resources


  • Not an ideal rating by The Better Business Bureau

  • If you have extremely poor credit, you may not get a loan above $1000

  • Lenders have been know to call borrowers directly

  • The software does not allow an easy way to compare multiple loan offers

  • Some loans come with high APR rates

CashUSA was acknowledged as one of America’s most respected bad credit loan providers. They were able to achieve this by having an easy approval process with guaranteed approval options. Unlike most other online loan marketplaces, CashUSA also includes smaller third-party lenders, state lenders and tribal lenders as part of the online network.

With CashUSA, loan applications are a bit longer than other lenders. However, the service is just as fast as the others depending on how quickly you respond to the loan offer and any questions from the lender. The plus side is that CashUSA will only show your information to relevant payday lenders so not all of them on the website will be able to see it.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


The CashUSA website is rich with resources on bad credit loans and emergency loans. They concentrate on instructing their clients. have a strong focus on educating consumers. It is very easy to see why CashUSA has such a good reputation within the industry.

  • There Are No Credit Restrictions: There are no restrictions when it comes to using the CashUSA platform, in that if you have bad credit, you are treated just the same as someone with good credit. You can still use the platform. This means those with bad credit or poor credit ratings won’t be rejected purely because of their credit score. The website uses different requirements instead and you need to meet those to use the website.

  • Absolute & Full Personal Data Disclosure: Utilizing CashUSA is FREE. Their website is also open about how they share your personal information with other companies. The company explains how they use and sell your data in an easy to understand way. Unlike many other credit websites, CashUSA is open about how they sell your data and who they sell it to.

  • Industry Leading Educational Center: CashUSA ’s excellent blog has a lot of educational articles on bad credit loans and emergency loans. Educational resources on this website provide essential information about a range of topics relating to loans including covering commonly asked questions and common concerns

How We Made This List For Getting Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit

When we started our research, we wanted to provide bad credit loan companies with the strongest reputations. There are a lot of online loan companies now and selecting the right one is more difficult than ever. New companies appear all the time and with brilliant SEO, they get pushed to the top of the search engines even without genuine reviews or real customers.

During our research, we have discarded those bad credit loan lenders with no guaranteed approvals from our list. After this, we looked at their services, personal loan options, loan terms and the company themselves. We first removed any companies that didn’t seem legit or particularly trustworthy to make sure the options on our list were good lenders.

After we removed bad credit loan companies that did not offer guaranteed approvals. We then started to remove other bad credit loan lenders with other variables that we did not like. We started taking the company offerings into account, their popularity and customer reviews. We had a lot to think through but we think we have them all!

What Is Our Main Focus With Online Loans For Bad Credit Companies?

We examined a lot of factors during our research. As we want to be as transparent as possible, we’ve included the full list of things we researched and considered. Here’s what we looked for in a bad credit loan company with guaranteed approvals:

  • Their rates offered

  • Fees or no fees?

  • Is it an easy approval process?

  • Credit restrictions

  • How and when borrower information is sold

  • How useful the website is to consumers even if they don’t intend to take a loan

  • The brand’s overall reputation

  • Customer reviews – are they positive or negative?

What Borrowers Need To Know About Bad Credit Loans Online

Emergency loans are now highly accessible. Loans are now available from a wide range of online businesses that are willing to provide loans to those who need them. This also includes providing bad credit loans for those with poor credit scores.

If you decide to use an online loan marketplace, there are a lot of options available. They make finding a loan easier and supply more options than searching for individual companies. When looking at each company, you need to fill out multiple forms and wait for them to accept or decline your request. Using online loan marketplaces such as the ones on this list means you only need to fill out one form and wait for a loan vendor to get in touch with you.

Here Are The Things You Need To Know About Getting Bad Credit Payday Loans

If you’ve decided to acquire a bad credit loan, a lot of factors need to be looked into. If you’re searching for an online lender then you have the advantage, it makes researching the lender easier and you have a lot more options. This is especially important when you’re looking to get a bad credit loan.

FICO has minimum credit score qualifications. If you are getting a bad credit loan from a lender, they may follow FICO’s guidelines in some cases. Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) is a respected analytic company that recommends the minimum credit score criteria to be at least 620.

They don’t just look into your credit history however, some companies also look at the background of your credit score. This is because they would like to check records of your past loans and repayments.

Your debt-to-income ratio is a very important requirement. Most lenders prefer borrowers who have a confirmed regular income which isn’t good news for the self-employed and other workers who don’t meet that criteria. However, having a regular income proves that repayments can be made in a timely and punctual manner which is important to loan vendors.

Other lenders may adhere to strict guidelines to ensure your ratios are still good. For example, they may set an income limit per annum for the borrower to ensure you can pay back the loan. Not all lenders will do this but they will take certain factors into account such as how much you earn from your job while analyzing your ability to pay back the loan amount.

If in case you can’t meet one criteria, one option available for you is getting a cosigner. Having a bad credit loan co-signer means that you can benefit from their credit and income so you can better negotiate with a lender.

A co-signer can help in possibly reducing the interest rate and can shoulder the payment for you in case you missed your obligation. The co-signer needs to also go through checks and loan agreement processes as they will be a guarantee for your lender.

Once you’re certain you’d like to acquire a bad credit loan, do not forget to check the interest rate. Finding the best interest rate should be your top priority when looking for a bad credit loan with guaranteed approvals. Comparing the minimum interest rates is a must to find the best one. However, this depends on your credit score.

Terms and Conditions For Instant Payday Loans Online With Guaranteed Approval

Your lender will connect with you directly to provide you with their loan offer. This loan offer will include the basic terms and conditions of the loan along with information about the amount and the APR.

Always remember to review all loan terms before you proceed. It would be best to read through it multiple times. This ensures you don’t miss anything that might be important to you later such as any additional fees, cancellation requirements and more.

Other Charges For Bad Credit Loans Online

Lenders will add other applicable fees or may offer you additional charges.

See below those additional charges that might apply to you at some point:

Fees are from 1% to 6% of the bad credit loan. Some of the lenders offer to adjust any origination fees on the loan. The origination fee can vary according to the lender and the state you live in. Some lenders will give you an additional 10 – 15 days for payments before charging any late fees. Late fees can also vary a lot, most of them will be between $15 – $30 though some lenders might not charge additional late fees too.

Here Is How To Get Guaranteed Loans For Bad Credit Straight To Your Bank Account

Remember – even with bad credit, you can still apply and be approved on a loan. There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting the best loan possible. With this step by step guide, we intend to help you get the best possible loan offer.

Do this ASAP – pull your updated credit report. Take a close look at it to spot any points that need to be improved to help boost your credit score. There are things to can do without needing to repay loans to improve your situation. It’s a good idea to get some free Credit Score advice before taking out a bad credit loan to give you the best possible chance.

Once you apply for a loan, your lender will check your credit information to see whether you have the ability to repay your loan or not.This isn’t all they’ll look at, however.

Checking your credit report 3 months before you apply for a loan is a good thing. It is a good practice because it will allow you time to sort out any disputes that might be on your credit report. Doing this will take at least 30 days so doing this ahead of time is the best thing you can do.

Decide ahead on the amount of your loan so you can make sound strategies in repaying your loan on time. Doing this early means you can start to make a new budget so you can afford the loan payments in addition to your other essential expenditures. If needed, you may need to go for a smaller loan instead.

Long term loans means higher interest charges. However, it is also true that your payments will be lower, since your loan is amortized over a longer period of time. This would be true in some cases.

This is a fact. When you are getting a bad credit loan – make sure you review all information in detail. It’s common for those with bad credit to be offered bad interest rates so you need to check each offer. When using one of the websites listed above, you will receive various offers and you don’t need to accept any of them if you feel you can get a better one. The lenders who offer pre-approvals can be a good option since they don’t do a detailed credit union investigation before sending you their terms and interest rate.

You can shop around for lenders and loan offers. Doing this will make it easier for you to find the right loan offer for you and the one that best suits your needs.

Once your contract is signed, always be sure to make your payments on time. Doing this will prevent any penalties from being applied to you, help you avoid late fees and improve your overall credit score. Failing to pay will cause problems such as needing to pay excessive interest rates and the cost of the loan will rise in addition to damaging your credit score.

Budget your finances wisely in order to cover both the cost of your loan repayments and all other personal expenses.

When Should You Not Take Instant Approval Loans?

For those people choosing to apply for a bad credit loan , they assume it’s their only option. It’s possible to be misled by advertising and take out a loan when you don’t need to. If you’re thinking about taking out a loan but it’s not necessary then it’s a bad idea.

Check out below the scenarios where you may choose to refuse a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval:

  • You want to use the loan for non-essentials (ie: vacation, new car, clothes)

  • If you are not sure you can pay it back

  • You want to improve your credit rating

  • You want to pay off a different loan with a new loan

What Are Some Alternatives To Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval?

Having a bad credit score may mean you can’t get a loan from common lenders. Using websites like the ones we’ve listed above will give you the best chance at finding a loan company that can help you and your current circumstances.

It will depend upon your situation, but you can attempt the following options:

You can ask your employer for advance payment if you have a good work reputation. They might also be willing to give you extra hours to help you earn more or might be able to help put you in situations to earn more money at work.

There is no harm in requesting money from your family or friends if you need it. Make sure you use a contract for the agreement which includes a repayment schedule, the interest rates and any other needed details. Treat it like a loan from a typical money lending company.

Repayment may be in the form of services rendered instead of monetary. For example, painting rooms in their house or giving them some of your homegrown vegetables. Negotiate with them if this is the case to ensure you’ve both got a fair deal out of the arrangement.

Never forget that failure to keep your part of the bargain may damage your relationship.

This is definitely a choice. You can sell some of your belongings in order to get some cash fast.

Are you skilled? If you are, you can use your talents to bring in money. This could mean offering to do some kind of work for your family, friends and neighbours that you’re good at. If you’re good at sales, offer to help them with a big garage sale for a percentage of the profit. You could offer to sell your food or make meal prep for those who enjoy your cooking, build desktop computers for those who have no idea what they’re doing or give some skill-based classes.

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Online Loans For Bad Credit?

Online money lending platforms are the most recent addition in the lending market. Contrary to conventional lenders that require a lot of written applications, in-office or in-person meetings, and endless investigations, these platforms allow you to get funds transferred to your account in a matter of 24 hours without any hassle.

These platforms can assist in improving your credit score by reporting your timely monthly payments to credit bureaus.

So in conclusion, BadCreditLoans and CashUSA are two of the outstanding emergency loan providers because they help you acquire an emergency loan in confidence, and in the comfort of your own home.

Thank you for reading our review and be sure to visit the BadCreditLoans and CashUSA official websites if you are in need of an emergency loan. They are fast and professional. Acquire that emergency loan now!

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