Burundi: Dar – Bujumbura for a better trade balance


RESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan expressed the need for Tanzania and Burundi to make good use of the opportunities available to improve the trade balance between the two countries.

She made the remarks on Friday during a state banquet held at the Chamwino State House in Dodoma in honor of the top Burundian leader.

According to her, the trade balance between the two countries had recorded significant growth between 2015 and 2019, before being affected by the global pandemic, the Covid-19.

“In 2019, the trade volume was recorded at 200 billion / -, compared to 85 billion / – reached in 2015, the figures have dropped in 2020 due to Covid-19,” she said.

She added that Tanzania’s exports to Burundi fell to 35.6 billion in 2020 from 81.7 billion in 2015, while Burundi’s imports were at 688 million / -, from 2.1 billion / -.

For this reason, President Samia suggested using available economic opportunities to improve the volume of trade in the best interest of the economies of both countries.

In a bid to improve business and interactions, President Samia said Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) had resumed flights to Burundi, calling on citizens of both countries to take better advantage of this opportunity.

“ATCL will fly three times a week to Burundi in order to stimulate the movement of people as well as trade between the citizens of our countries.” “Currently, Tanzania has a total of 17 Tanzanian companies that have invested in Burundi,” she noted, adding that there are 12 Burundian companies operating in Tanzania.

According to her, Burundian companies operating in the country have invested a total of 442.6 billion / – have created 6,601 job opportunities for Tanzanians.

President Samia also reiterated Tanzania’s commitment to continue defending Burundi’s interests in regional and international integrations.

According to President Samia, Tanzania remains a true friend and a relative who wants the Great Lakes region to be calm, safe and with peace and security.

“Also, the Tanzanian government joins our Burundian counterparts in condemning the terrorist attacks perpetrated on September 18 and 20 which left six dead and more than 50 injured as well as the destruction of property,” she declared. For his part, the Burundian president said his visit aims to further cement the existing bilateral relations that the two countries have maintained for years.

He also acknowledged the support that Tanzanians have given to Burundi, especially when the latter was in the throes of political turmoil.

“Our two nations have enjoyed cordial relations for many years, these ties must be maintained for the best interests of our two nations,” he said.

He said Burundi was fully determined to promote its economic and diplomatic relations with members of the international community with emphasis on strengthening peace, security and stability.

During their talks, the two leaders also agreed to strengthen bilateral relations in several key sectors, including infrastructure, trade and investment, agriculture, mining, health, communications and communication. security.

The Burundian head of state, who concludes his tour in Tanzania today, arrived in the country on Friday for a three-day state visit.

This visit is a replica of President Samia’s two-day visit to Burundi on July 16 and 17, 2021.

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