Chickens, eggs in sufficient quantity in Sabah, according to the Ministry of Internal Trade | Malaysia


The Sabah West Coast Smart Consumers Association has urged the public not to resort to panic buying in light of the current chicken and egg shortages in Malaysia, including Sabah. — Photo by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KOTA KINABALU, Feb 13 – The Sabah West Coast Smart Consumers Association has urged the public not to resort to panic buying in light of the current shortage of chickens and eggs in Malaysia, including Sabah.

Its chairman, David Chan, said the supply of chickens and eggs was sufficient to meet the needs of consumers and commercial operators.

He said the association had met with officials from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Sabah, who assured that the supply of chickens and eggs remained stable and sufficient.

Although the supply of chickens and eggs fell by 10-20%, he said poultry farmers and wholesalers ensured they had sufficient supplies of items for the people of Sabah.

Additionally, Chan said Sabah had an alternative source of food, such as seafood that was readily available at a reasonable price.

“What is important now is that the authority will continuously monitor and carry out inspections to ensure that no one is engaging in hoarding and price gouging of chickens and eggs.”

He urged the public to file a report with the KPDNHEP if they find supermarkets or traders flouting the law, including selling the items above the controlled price or the maximum price set by the government.

He said there were nine ways for people to present themselves to authorities, including sending a photo of the item and the price via WhatsApp to KPDNHEP.

Chan also hoped that other law enforcement agencies such as the Maritime Police and the Malaysian Maritime Law Enforcement Agency (MMEA) would continue to prevent attempts to smuggle essential and subsidized goods into the waters. from Sabah.

“We hope that the relevant authorities will strengthen their measures to ensure that subsidized and essential goods are not smuggled out of the country to ensure sufficient supplies for the people of Sabah.”

The public can help KPDNHEP Sabah by reporting violations to KPDNHEP Kota Kinabalu on 088-484368, via WhatsApp on 019-2794317 or by email at [email protected].

Attending the meeting were KPDNHEP Sabah Law Enforcement Chief Taha Julai and Law Enforcement Officer Datu Mohammed Nazrin Datu Vajin. — Borneo Post


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