Cuban MPs point finger at shortages in domestic trade


At the Palace of Congresses in Havana, during a working day preceding the fifth extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly of People’s Power (parliament), the Minister of Internal Trade, Betsy Diaz, acknowledged that the necessary transformation in the provision services to the population has not been achieved.

MEPs questioned the fact that, despite the provisions adopted, problems persist with the variety, quality and stability of offers, both in gastronomic units and in other establishments, as well as high prices.

In this regard, they announced that in June the ministry is to present to the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers an update of the wholesale trade policy.

As part of the improvement, in addition, wholesalers were created in all the territories of the country and the first mixed company in the branch, Gran Ferretero SA, was authorized for the wholesale sale of hardware and building materials, allocated to economic players competing on the internal market.

The report presented to the commission revealed delays in the execution of the improvement schedule, with its 48 actions, in particular in areas such as the creation of basic business units, the application of the processes of availability of labor and consolidation of electronic collections and payments.



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