Current shortage of temporary raw materials supply, according to the Ministry of Internal Trade


KUALA LUMPUR: The current supply shortage of some raw materials such as chicken and eggs is only temporary and the situation is expected to return to normal once the relevant industries resume operations after the long Chinese New Year holiday .

Deputy Director of Law Enforcement (Operations) at the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs Shamsul Nizam Khalil (pictured) said the projection took into account that many livestock workers were in long holiday in conjunction with the festival.

“Based on our monitoring, there is a shortage of raw material supply in some parts of the country due to many factors such as industry’s inability to meet high demand and due to long holidays. .

“However, we believe this is a temporary situation. The Ministry of Internal Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries will work together to control the situation (to overcome the problem),” he said. he said during his appearance on Bernama’s “Ruang Bicara” TV channel. program, here, on Friday (February 4) evening.

Regarding the current increase in raw material prices, Shamsul Nizam said it was due to demand and supply factors in the market, in addition to the high transportation costs of imported raw materials.

“These are among the contributing factors to the increase and for this reason the government must impose price controls,” he said. – Bernama


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