Indonesia’s trade balance hits $35.34 billion in 2021


Our trade balance in 2021 recorded a surplus of US$35.34 billion. This is the highest of the last 15 years. Previously, 2006 also saw a record high of around US$39.37 billion.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia’s trade balance reached $35.34 billion in 2021, its highest value since 2006, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported.

“Our trade balance in 2021 recorded a surplus of $35.34 billion. This is the highest in the past 15 years. Previously, 2006 also recorded a record of around $39.37 billion,” said the head of the statistics agency Margo Yuwono during a virtual conference. press conference here on Monday.

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He said the surplus came from exports of $231.54 billion, which increased by 41.88% over the previous year period, and imports of $196.19 billion, which increased 38.59% year-over-year in 2021.

Based on BPS data, mining and other exports reached $37 billion, up 92.15 percent or the highest from 2020, he noted. Previously, the sector’s contribution was only $19.73 billion, he added.

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Other sectors that contributed to the trade balance surplus last year were manufacturing ($177 billion), oil and gas ($12.27 billion), and agriculture ($4. $23 billion), he informed.

Meanwhile, the Statistics Agency also pegged commodity imports at $147 billion, an increase of 42.80 percent from 2020, also the highest value in the period.

Yuwono said the highest trade balance surplus of $5.75 billion was recorded in October 2021.

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