Ministry of Domestic Trade: No shortage of chicken eggs in Penang


Econsave employee storing pallets of eggs at Econsave in Semenyih on June 2, 2022. — Photo By Devan Manuel

Sunday 12 June 2022 18:46 GMT

GEORGE TOWN, June 12 – The Penang Department of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) has said there is no chicken egg crisis in the state, as a newspaper reported there. two days old.

Its assistant manager, A. Mogan, said that, based on surveys and information obtained from breeders and wholesalers, most of them said that the stock or supply of eggs from hen was stable in Penang.

“From January 1 through today, KPDNHEP State has not received any complaints from merchants or consumers regarding the shortage of chicken eggs in the state.

“However, due to school holidays, the demand for chicken eggs is quite high, and we will still monitor the price of eggs under the Price Control and Anti-Profit Control Act 2011, to ensure that there is no unreasonable profit taking by any party,” he said in a statement today.

Further commenting, Mogan, who is also the chief enforcement officer of the state’s KPDNHEP, said that consumers are encouraged to file a complaint if there is any issue regarding the price of eggs.

“During the period of application of the maximum wholesale and retail price, from June 6 to June 30, the wholesale price of Grade A chicken eggs (weighing between 65 grams (g) and 69.9 g) is 0 RM.41 while the retail price is RM0.43 each; the wholesale price of grade B chicken eggs (weighing between 60g and 64.9g) is RM0.39 each while the price retail is RM 0.41 each.

“Grade C chicken eggs (weighing between 55g and 59.9g), the wholesale price is RM0.37 each while the retail price is RM0.39 each. Traders must comply with the price that has been set,” he said. — Bernama


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