Ministry of Internal Trade sec-gen sheds light on Melaka director’s statement on egg prices


PADANG BESAR: The Secretary General of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Azman Mohd Yusof, has issued a clarification regarding a statement made by the Director of the Ministry of Domestic Trade of Melaka, Norena Jaafar, which went viral on Friday July 2 .

Norena may have her own path that wasn’t very acceptable to the public, he said when asked to comment on the director’s statement about rising egg prices.

She reportedly said on Friday that if consumers knew the price of eggs was rising, they could use less, for example, from 20 eggs a week to 15 eggs. His statement. went viral, was heavily criticized on social media.

Regarding the rise in egg prices, Azman said consumers need explanations to avoid confusing the public.

He added that there are several categories of eggs in the market, defined according to qualities and which consumers can evaluate before buying.

“If by comparison, the price (of eggs) exceeds the real price and the government has intervened by introducing subsidies.

“So it’s up to the consumer himself to decide what type of egg he wants to buy,” he said after a working visit to the Immigration, Customs and Quarantine (ICQ) complex. here Saturday July 1st.

Azman said the reason for the visit was to see for himself the real situation at the country’s borders and to strengthen ties between ICQ agencies in Padang Besar.

He added that for the period from January 1 to May 31 this year, there were 115 smuggling cases involving controlled and subsidized products with seizures worth RM10.19 million.

“The ministry takes the issue of leakage seriously, especially when it occurs at the borders of our country, as it has a negative impact and causes huge losses for Malaysia,” she said. – Bernama


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