No change in trade policy with India Pakistan


Pakistan said on Wednesday that the appointment of a “trade minister” in New Delhi was a routine process and that there was “no change” in its trade policy with India.

On Tuesday, media reported that Qamar Zaman had been appointed “Pakistan’s trade minister in New Delhi”, sparking speculation of a thaw in the current frosty bilateral trade relationship between the two neighbors.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce released a statement on Wednesday, saying the Ministry of Commerce runs 57 trade missions in 46 countries, including the post of Minister (Trade and Investment) in New Delhi, India. »

There is no change in Pakistan’s trade policy with India, the ministry said. He added that the position of Minister (Trade and Investment) in New Delhi has existed for more than two decades and has no connection with operationalizing trade with India or otherwise in the current context.

The current round of selection of Trade and Investment Officers (TIOs) including New Delhi was launched in December 2021 and the final recommendations of the Interview Committee were sent to the Prime Minister’s Office on 4th January 2022 , or during the term of the previous government. led by Imran Khan.

The current government has given final approval to the previous government’s recommendations for the selection of 15 TIOs, the ministry said.

The appointment of New Delhi’s Minister (Trade and Investment) therefore cannot be seen in the context of an easing of trade restrictions with India, he said.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have risen since New Delhi repealed Article 370 of the Constitution to revoke Jammu and Kashmir’s special status on August 5, 2019.

India’s decision drew strong reactions from Pakistan, which downgraded diplomatic relations and expelled the Indian envoy. Pakistan has also halted bilateral trade with India.

India has told the international community categorically that the removal of Section 370 is its internal affair. He also advised Pakistan to accept reality and stop all anti-Indian propaganda.

India has told Pakistan that it wants normal neighborly relations with Islamabad in an environment free from terror, hostility and violence.



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