Price control system: the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumption will intensify the application until December 31 | Malaysia



Azman Adam, Director of Enforcement of the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs inspecting the price of vegetables in Kota Warisan, Selangor, November 30, 2021. – Photo by Bernama

KUALA LUMPUR, December 7 – Keluarga Malaysia’s (SHMKM) Maximum Price Control Program will take effect nationwide today through December 31 as part of the government’s efforts to stabilize the price of basic necessities and ensuring an adequate supply in the market.

Items listed under the program include live chicken, standard chicken, super chicken, grade A, B and C eggs, long beans, chili pepper, tomato, choy sum, imported round cabbage (from Indonesia and China) as well as cucumber.

Azman Adam, director of enforcement at the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP), said program compliance will involve all stages of the supply chain.

“The twelve items listed in the program include three categories of chicken, three grades of chicken eggs, popular vegetables, all of which have the potential to increase the price if controls are not imposed,” he said. told reporters after conducting an inspection in Sri Gombak market. , Selangor near here today.

Azman said that with the implementation of the program, the ministry’s enforcement division will step up monitoring and controls to ensure compliance, involving around 2,200 enforcement officers and 1,000 price monitoring officers across the board. the country.

Azman urged consumers to address their complaints to the ministry so action can be taken if prices rise above the price cap.

Meanwhile, in Kelantan, the KPDNHEP issued 166 advisories from early January to yesterday to traders who were selling products at higher prices.

Kelantan manager Adnan Abd Rahman said the advisories were issued so that traders could provide reasonable explanations for the prices of items that had given rise to customer complaints.

“Of the 166 opinions issued, 52 concerned chicken traders, egg traders (12), vegetable sellers (12) and other traders (90),” he told reporters after checks on the first day of the SHMKM application at the Rural Transformation Center. in Tunjung, Kelantan.

In Melaka, the chairman of the State Unity, Community Relations, Labor and Consumer Affairs Committee Ngwe Hee Sem said that 100 law enforcement officers and personnel of the State would be mobilized at different stages of the supply chain to carry out checks throughout the duration of the program.

“Checks will be carried out daily among producers, retailers and traders to ensure that no one is raising the prices of the 12 basic necessities listed in the SHMKM,” he said, adding that they had received six complaints about the high prices of eggs and chickens between January 1 and yesterday.

In Perak, the chairman of the National Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs Commission, Datuk Abdul Yunus Jamhari, said compliance was at good levels when it was reached after performing a check on the first day of the implementation. SHMKM work in a supermarket in Ipoh today.

“A total of 176 Perak KPDNHEP law enforcement officers and 79 price monitoring officers will continue to monitor program compliance statewide,” he said, adding that the ministry had received eight complaints. audience since early November. – Bernama



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