Promote a trade policy that puts workers first


On Tuesday, CWA legislative expert Elena Lopez testified at a U.S. International Trade Commission hearing, highlighting the impact that offshoring facilitated by unfair trade policies is having on workers. She noted that workers tend to move to lower-paying jobs after losing their jobs to offshoring – a trend she said was “especially true” for workers changing industries, as well as for workers of color. “As the union representing the largest number of workers in the call center industry, we have seen firsthand how our trade policy has encouraged companies to outsource jobs, leading to lower wages and working conditions. work of American workers,” Lopez said.

Furthermore, she highlighted the various policies and loopholes embedded in previous trade agreements that have made it easier for multinational corporations to divest from domestic industries.

Lopez added: “The impacts of our trade policies are not just limited to the offshoring of jobs, but also include the diminished bargaining power of international workers who seek to form unions or obtain better wages, benefits and conditions. of work. Our trade policies should promote growth and opportunity for all workers, domestic and foreign, rather than a race to the bottom.


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