Resignation letter from Roberto Feletti to the Secretary of Internal Trade


Roberto Feletti gave up internal trade secretary after his time at the Ministry of Economy. The official wrote a letter explaining the reasons for your decision.

Feletti, who took office in October 2021, had met Martin Guzman this monday noonbefore announcing his resignation.

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The complete letter from Roberto Feletti

To the President of the Argentine Nation Dr. Alberto Fernández.

I am writing to you with the aim of presenting to you my irrevocable resignation from the post of Secretary of Internal Trade of the Nation, with which I have been honored since October 12, 2021.

The transfer of the Secretariat of Commerce from the Ministry of Productive Development to the Ministry of Economy of the Nation opens a new stagein which the latter will be in charge of economic policy in an integral way, integrating into its orbit price policy and the other missions and functions of the Secretariat that I have led so far.

In this sense, I consider that the most reasonable and professional attitude on my part is facilitate that the ministry of Martín Guzmán has the freedom to select officials and civil servants who share the defined course and the defined program.

My career in the public service has been marked by consistency and conviction around the policies that I applied and defended from the different places that I had the responsibility to administer. I have never put the exercise of a position or my personal interest before political convictions, and this will be no exception.

In review of these more than seven months of management, I emphasize the consolidation of the +Care Prices program, which currently has twice as many products as when I took office; consolidation of the Care Courts program across the country; the incorporation of a fruit and vegetable offer into existing baskets; the renovation of Now 12; the start of the Argentine Wheat Stabilization Fund, the private trust for flour and dry gondola noodles, and the update of the private trust for sunflower oil and blended oil, among other measures

However, these regulatory tools, which were relevant and necessary until the end of February, became insufficient after the start of the war in Ukraine and the resulting impact on international food prices. In this sense, the current situation requires the development of new instruments, mainly in relation to the need to decouple the price of food in the world from that paid by Argentines. There is also an urgent need for greater coordination of the economic cabinet and establishing a framework that systematically assesses the evolution of the global crisis resulting from the war, in order to adopt measures to deal with its adverse effects.

For my part, I am only grateful to you personally for having chosen me to play such an important role, as well as to the ministers Matías Kulfas and Martín Guzmán, with whom I have always worked within the framework of dialogue and respect . I am sure that we share the final objective, which is that of a more prosperous and humanely developed Argentina. Divergences on the trajectory traced and on the economic tools used lead me today to take this decision.


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