The Ministry of Internal Trade denounces an attempt to divert cooking oil


BUTTERWORTH: The Penang branch of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs has foiled an attempt by a wholesaler to hijack subsidized cooking oil and sell it for a profit through a raid on a house in Taman Seri Murni here .

State Department law enforcement chief A. Mogan said a team of four law enforcement officers managed to uncover the irregularities after carrying out intelligence activities over the past last five days on the basis of a public denunciation, before raiding the two-story terraced house at 1 p.m. on Tuesday (July 12).

Preliminary inspection also revealed that the man was also selling the subsidized cooking oil mixed with dyes and fragrances for prayer to the public.

“A team of four police officers followed a man-driven truck from a subsidized wholesaler of cooking oil packets to Taman Seri Murni’s house,” Mogan said.

“During the raid, the truck was parked at the rear of the terraced house and a man in his 50s was in the cargo section of the vehicle transferring subsidized cooking oil into barrels” , he added, speaking to reporters. at the scene.

Mogan said an inspection of the truck revealed 272 kilograms (kg) of subsidized cooking oil (in packages) and 952 kg of subsidized cooking oil that had been transferred to industrial drums.

The team also found 340 kg of subsidized cooking oil packets stored in a room in the house, believed to be used by humans to transfer the subsidized cooking oil into industrial barrels.

Further investigation revealed that the man held a wholesale controlled goods license authorizing him to obtain cooking oil from the cooking oil packaging location and the then send directly to customers.

“However, he abused the license and diverted controlled items before selling them to industry as he was able to make a more lucrative profit,” he said, adding that further investigations were ongoing. .

Mogan said each 1kg packet of subsidized cooking oil cost RM2.50 and the man had sold it to industry and the public for between RM6 and 8 each.

The man would also have been in these activities for a few months, and had been more active since July 1 following the end of subsidies for cooking oil in two, three and five kg bottles.

“We seized a total of 1,564kg of subsidized cooking oil worth RM3,910 and also seized the truck worth RM105,000. The man has been detained for investigation. under the Control of Supplies Act 1951, and the matter will be investigated under the Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Anti-Money Proceeds Act 2001. ‘illegal activities’, he said – Bernama


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