Trade balance deficit increases by more than 3 billion euros in the first eight months



– During the period 1.I-31.VIII 2021, FOB exports amounted to 48,184.7 million euros and CIF imports amounted to 62,787.0 million euros.

– During the period 1.I-31.VIII 2021, exports increased by 24.4% and imports increased by 24.9%, compared to period 1.I-31.VIII 2020.

– During the period 1.I-31.VIII 2021, the FOB-CIF trade deficit was € 14,602.3 million, which is € 3,087.7 ​​million more than in period 1. I-31.VIII 2020.

– In August 2021, FOB exports amounted to 5,672.0 million euros and CIF imports amounted to 7,401.3 million euros, with a trade deficit of 1,729.3 million euros being recorded.

– Compared with August 2020, exports increased by 23.3% and imports increased by 21.1% in August 2021.

Romania’s trade balance deficit (FOB / CIF) amounted to € 14.602 billion in the first eight months of the year, up € 3.087 billion compared to the same period l last year, show data from the National Institute of Statistics (INS), released on Monday. .

According to official statistics, between January 1 and August 31, 2021, FOB exports amounted to 48.184 billion euros, while the amount of CAF imports was 62.777 billion euros.

In this context, Romania’s exports increased by 24.4%, and imports by 24.9%, compared to the reference period analyzed by the INS.

Significant shares in the structure of exports and imports are held by product groups: machinery and transport equipment (46.7% for export and 36% for import) and other manufactured products (30.5% for export and 30.1% for import).

The value of intra-EU merchandise trade between January and August 2021 was € 35.134 billion for shipments and € 45.694 billion for introductions, equivalent to 72.9% of total exports and 72.8% of exports. total imports.

In addition, the value of extra-EU27 trade in goods was, in the mentioned interval, € 13.050 billion for exports, respectively € 17.092 billion for imports, accounting for 27.1% of total exports and 27.1% of total exports. , 2% of total imports.

At the August level of this year, FOB exports amounted to 5.672 billion euros and CIF imports to 7.401 billion euros, resulting in a deficit of 1.729 billion euros. At the same time, compared to August 2020, exports in August 2021 increased by 23.3%, while imports increased by 21.1%.



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